A Community of Misfits on a Mission

Donuts & Dialogue Sunday

Come get a FREE donut from a donut truck and dream with fellow misfits about what the church could look like!

Once a month, Roots offers a Dialogue Sunday. Dialogue Sunday is our misfit approach to Sunday morning service! After a brief message from our pastor, T. C. Moore, we will talk about the message with the people at our tables. Most churches wait until small groups or expect you to plan a coffee date to ask your questions, but not at Roots! We believe that it’s important to build this time of curiosity and respect right into the service.

Complimentary coffee and donuts from the SSSDude-Nutz will be offered. SSSDude-Nutz is a gourmet donut food truck. This event is free and open to the public, but please register you and your family to receive your ticket(s) for your donuts.