A Community of Misfits on a Mission

BLESS Week 2

Join us for week 2 of our new sermon series at 10AM (775 Lexington Pkwy. N.)

What is BLESS?

Since the beginning of our story with God, God has demonstrated his deep love for us through his blessing. In turn, we become a blessing to others. (Genesis 12:2).

BLESS is a new way of thinking about loving our neighbors. BLESS is five missional practices that help us introduce people to Jesus. We often engage with these practices every day with our friends and family. By vectoring these practices outward to include people who may be far from God, we can bless and bring people to new life in Christ. Every one of us can easily and naturally live out the five BLESS missional practices with unchurched people.

The Five BLESS Missional Practices:

1. Begin with prayer. Jesus and others have blessed you through prayer. We can bless others who don’t know Jesus yet by praying for them.

2. Listen with care. Jesus and others have listened to you and heard you. We can bless others who are far from God by listening to and hearing them.

3. Eat together. Jesus and others have accepted you and invited you to their table. Let us accept and invite others who don’t know Jesus yet to our table.

4. Serve in love. Jesus and others have served you in ways that changed you. We can serve others who do not know God in ways that can change them.

5. Share your story. Jesus and others have shared their story with you in ways that have changed you. We can share your story with others so that they may draw near to God.