A Community of Misfits on a Mission

Pentecost in the Park

This Sunday the misfits of Roots will gather in person for worship at Newell Park at 10:00AM. Showing love for those in our community with more vulnerable immune systems, we are asking everyone in attendance to wear masks. In consideration of the recent heat wave, there will also be bottled and canned refreshments. Email Pastor Osheta with any questions: Osheta at RootsCov dot org.

This is the third sermon in the “Campfire” series. In this message, Pastor T. C. shows how the story of Joshua & Jericho isn’t about a bloodthirsty tribal deity who wipes out other ethnic groups. No! It’s the story of God’s people rejecting God’s nonviolent and gradual plan of integration, while also taking upon Godself the sin-mirror shameful stigma to subvert it by showing mercy to Rahab. To see this, we need “Cross Vision”—the eyes of faith informed by a holistic, ethical, and Christ-centered reading of the Bible.