A Community of Misfits on a Mission

Resilient – Worship Gathering

Jesus told his disciples frankly that in this world they would have troubles (Matthew 5.11; John 16.33) some of which are persecution, doubt, and hardship. But these challenges needn’t shipwreck our faith. When (not if) these things occur, we can have a faith that is resilient.

Recent research has discovered that resiliency isn’t an internal attribute some people are born with and others aren’t; resiliency is something a person develops by being in community with others who are equipping them. And that is what the body of Christ is for! We are each gifts to one another for our mutual equipping (Ephesians 4.11-13).

That is why for the next four weeks (leading up to the season of Lent), Roots will explore our shared Christian faith with an eye toward resiliency. Join us this week as we tackle the pitfalls of “magical thinking” and conceptualizing faith as intellectual assent only.

775 Lexington Pkwy N. @ 10AM