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Roots LIVE (online) – Epiphany

Happy New Year, misfits!

Fun fact: the “12 Days of Christmas” aren’t the twelve days that lead up to Christmas. (Those are part of Advent). Instead, they are the period between the seasons of Advent and Epiphany, which begins on January 6th and extends until the Sunday before Ash Wednesday (Feb. 27th).

Roots is not strictly liturgical, but we find that the seasons of the Christian calendar offer us an opportunity to be formed by the story of Jesus. In the case of Epiphany, the aspect of Jesus’s story we focus on is his revelation to the whole world (including non-Judean people groups). You might be familiar with the tradition of “Three Kings Day,” which is a cherished tradition in many Latin American and Caribbean cultures. This commemoration of the Magi gives us the chance to reflect upon Jesus as the Light of all humanity, our witness to the Light, and how we “bear the light” in our everyday lives.

Join other misfits tomorrow for Roots LIVE (online) an interactive, live worship gathering hosted by Pastor Osheta and with a message by Pastor T. C. entitled “Bearing the Light.”

You can join in on the live-stream by going to the Roots Facebook Page or here on the website.