A Community of Misfits on a Mission

Roots Renovation

RenovationI am inviting you to join us tomorrow evening (April 16th) from 6pm – 9pm as we begin the renovation process for the Roots space! We’ll be painting the walls and building the stage area, so bring some clothes that you don’t mind throwing away afterward.

I’m asking 3 things from you:

1. Please ask others to join us

2. Let me know if you (and others) are coming on Thursday evening from 6pm – 9pm to help us out! I want to have a head count of who will be there.

3. Please also let me know if you plan on coming on Saturday (10am-5pm) to help us continue our renovations.

If you have wooden pallettes or know people who have access to them, please let me know! We want to build tables, a stage, and other things out of the wood.

I’m excited about making this space our own but more importantly, I’m excited about how we can use this space to share the message of hope and transformation that we find in Jesus!

Peace to you,

Touger Thao