A Community of Misfits on a Mission

Sunday Gathering – Story & Song, Week 7

Join us Sunday at SPNN, as we wrap up our teaching series and discernment process called “Story & Song: Listening to our History, Discerning our Future” on the histories, values, and visions of both Roots and the Moravian ChurchPastors T. C. & Osheta will be leading on the topic “Discerning our Future” There will be prayer, singing, and communion.

Before our worship gathering, join us at 9:00AM for a “Special Coffee Hour Q&R (Questions and Responses)” with Bruce Nelson, President of the Western District Executive Board of the Moravian Church – Northern Province.

Please continue to be considerate of all those among us by visually indicating your contact comfort-level on your name tag. Masks are encouraged, but not required.