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Swimming Lessons, Week 4: “The Rise of Babylon”

As we continue in the “Swimming Lessons” teaching series, we will cap off our exploration of how Genesis chapters 1—11 tells the story of how human culture was intended by God to work, but how it has spiraled out of control. In this message, entitled, “The Rise of Babylon,” Pastor T. C. will explore the multiplication of violence in the song of Lamech and advent of cultural captivity in the rise of Babylon.

How many times have you heard that Pentecost “reversed the curse” of Babel?

This Sunday, Pastor T. C. will to teach a very different view of the Tower of Babel/Babylon story from what you may have been taught.

Did you know that the word “curse” never appears in the story?

What if diversity of languages isn’t a curse, but a blessing?

Join us this Sunday!