A Community of Misfits on a Mission

Worship Gathering (ReFind, Week 6)

This week we will continue to commemorate Black History Month and continue in our teaching series: Re•Find: Discovering the Jesus Way After Deconstruction. Pastor T. C. will be unpacking some of the ways he’s deconstructed and reconstructed “Church.” Unlike other subjects in this series, “Church” hits us close to home. It’s where the rubber meets the road in our faith journeys. It’s also where we often experience our deepest connection with God and the most poignant pain from others. There’s a reason why “Church” is hotly contested territory: It’s powerful. It’s is the space where God’s Spirit dwells in a unique way. It’s the relationships that teach us how to live out the Jesus Way. And it’s the force that wars against the “gates” of evil strongholds in our world. Three ways to “Re•Find: Church” are:

1. From Guests to Family
2. From Comfort to Formation
3. From Fortress to Embassy