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Hope on the Horizon Teaching Series

Hope on the Horizon Teaching Series

Easter isn’t over!

The season of Eastertide begins this week. Over the next six weeks we’ll explore the theme of hope as it’s found in the book of First Peter.

First Peter is a New Testament book attributed to the apostle Peter who walked with Jesus and led the early church. The book is addresses to disciples of Jesus who are experiencing suffering and one of the most pronounced themes is hope.

Dennis Edwards First Peter Commentary

Dr. Dennis Edwards is Dean of North Park Seminary in Chicago and former pastor of Sanctuary Covenant in North Minneapolis. He’s written a wonderfully helpful and accessible commentary that will be a resource during this series.

Hope is an illusive idea that may feel unattainable. First Peter gives us important insights into the specific Christian hope that characterizes faith in Jesus.

We’ll explore five themes: Forged Hope, Sojourner’s Hope, Reconstructing Hope, Gentle Hope, and Suffering Hope.

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