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Church in My PJs (Finding God on Your iPod, Week 1)

Join the misfits of Roots as we kick off a new teaching series called “Finding God on Your iPod.”

In the beginning, God blessed humanity to create cultures. This has been part of our calling to steward creation on God’s behalf, to reflect God’s loving reign into the creation, and gather up the praises of creation and give them to God. This is what it means to bear God’s image.

Therefore, recognizing the way God is at work in art and culture is an important part of seeing the goodness of God in human beings and creation. One easy place to start is to see the biblical and theological themes that are present in some of our favorite music. Music is an important part of culture, as it provides means for artists to express some of their deepest longings and most heart-felt values. And when the world around us seems chaotic and threatening, music can provide solace and escape.

Finding God on Your iPod is a way of highlighting some of the spiritual themes in popular music that capture our hearts and inspire our imaginations.

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