A Community of Misfits on a Mission

Holy Week 2021

Next week, starting on Palm Sunday, we enter Holy Week—the week leading up to Easter Sunday. During this week, we journey with Jesus through the final week of the Gospel story.

On Palm Sunday we will commemorate Jesus’s ‘Triumphal Entry’ into Jerusalem, in which he flips the script of what it means to be King by riding a lowly donkey and weeping for his people. Pastor T. C. will share a message on the powerful way this episode of the story informs our faith today.

Then, on Maundy Thursday (April 1st), we are encouraged to revisit the Last Supper with Jesus. Join Pastor T. C. for an Online Communion Service over Zoom (link in Roots Community Group on Facebook, email me if you’re not on Facebook).

On Good Friday (April 2nd) Roots will host an in-person, walk-through, multi-sensory Stations of the Cross experience at Prior Works from 7:30—8:30 PM.

“This service honors the ancient story of Jesus’ death
while recognizing the ways this narrative repeats itself
again and again throughout the past and present.
It provides multi-sensory ways to engage, confess, and lament.”

(To reduce risk, we are asking participants to sign-up for a walk-through time in 15 minute intervals so that there is plenty of space for physical distancing. We are also asking participants to wear a mask while indoors.)

Please use this link and complete the Google Sheet. Each 15-minute walk-through timeframe is limited to 10 persons.

Google Sheet Sign-up for a Walk-through Timeframe

Join us on Easter Sunday for Roots LIVE when we will celebrate Jesus’s victory over death and Pastor Osheta will share a message on the Risen Christ.