A Community of Misfits on a Mission

It is Good (Teaching Series)

You could easily be forgiven if, from the messages promoted and policies advocated by American Christians, you don’t see demonstrated the biblical truths that God’s creation is good and that we are called to be protectors and stewards of the earth. For at least the last 50 to 60 years many American Christians have not only abdicated our responsibility to be caretakers of creation, but have actively contributed to practices and policies which pollute the earth, destroying the environment. There are many complex reasons for this, some of which we want to explore in this series. Primarily, though, we want to reaffirm the biblical foundation upon which creation care rests and recommit ourselves to the calling to care for creation.

From Genesis to Revelation the Scriptures declare God’s passionate concern for the earth’s environment, including every living creature. Humanity’s original vocation is to reflect God’s loving care into creation on God’s behalf as vice-regents, royal stewards, and then to gather up the inarticulate praises of all God’s creatures and present them to God as worship. Humanity has instead given itself over to extractive economies that pillage the earth due to greed. As a result the earth is in crisis.

That is why, in this series, we will explore our calling as image-bearers to steward the creation and many of the obstacles that impede us. In addition to Pastors T. C. and Osheta, our own Emily Morrison will share in the teaching, as well as a guest preacher named Jerusalem Greer.

Jerusalem Greer
Emily Morrison