A Community of Misfits on a Mission

One Church, Many Gifts Retreat

We are writing a new chapter in Roots’ story, together. The “One Church, Many Gifts” Retreat offers us time and space to explore our gifts, passions, skills, and experience as a way of discerning our callings from God. As individuals and as a community we are called by God. This is the second part of a two-part retreat.

In part one, we spent time exploring the way we’re wired as a starting point for discerning how we’re called. Amidst the dynamic exchange between our spiritual gifts (S), our heart/passions (H), our abilities (A), our personalities (P), and our experiences (E), we can discern the outline of our calling taking “shape.” These different aspects of who we are inform how we are called to live and serve others.

If you weren’t able to attend part one, you can still participate by taking the gifts and personality assessments and emailing them to office@rootsmc.org

One Church, Many Gifts Handout

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

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