A Community of Misfits on a Mission

Epiphany Sunday

“Epiphany” means “to make manifest.” Since the fourth century, Epiphany has been a major annual celebration for the church. It is a season when we see Jesus’s divine mission to all people groups revealed beginning with the Magi’s visitation. We remember that Jesus’s life is the full revelation of God’s character and nature to the world.
This week, Pastor T. C. will share a message entitled “Epiphany: The Pilgrimage of Faith,” about the way we can follow Jesus through difficult seasons of life. Epiphany is a season of the Christian calendar, between Christmas and Lent, when the church celebrates the revelation of Jesus to all nations, starting with the visitation of the Magi. When we view the Magi’s visit through the lens of “pilgrimage,” we can learn a lot about how we too seek and find Jesus in our own lives.