A Community of Misfits on a Mission

Sermons from June 2019


The relationship between Paul and Timothy teaches us about Christian mentoring. Paul recognizes the contribution Timothy’s mother and grandmother have made to his faith. Paul encourages Timothy to “stir up” the gift from God that is already within him. This is an important truth for us to internalize when we are tempted to impose our…

Living in Community

Emily Morrison knows a thing or two about living in community. She has lived in shared spaces with other Christians in South Sudan, Louisiana, and now in Minnesota. In this message, she shares from the wisdom she’s gleaned from these experiences and from the example of the apostle Paul in I Thessalonians.

How to Say I’m Sorry

In Genesis 33, we read about the reconciliation of two brothers who became enemies. Esau and Jacob were twins who were very different. After Esau spurned his birthright giving it to Jacob for a meal, and Jacob cheated Esau out of their father’s blessing, Esau vowed to kill Jacob. But in Genesis 32 and 33,…