A Community of Misfits on a Mission

Sermons on Jesus

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ICON Intro

In this message, Pastor T. C. introduces the teaching series, ICON: Portals into the Heart of Jesus by exploring how contemplation of Jesus through contemplative practices like Visio Divina restore the image of God in us. As II Corinthians 3:17–18 says, Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is,…


The third Path Point of PAX’s Scripture StoryArc is Material: “Jesus is the key to understanding Scripture.” In this message, Pastor T. C. contrasts a Jesus-centered approach to Scripture to a “Flat Bible” approach. As disciples of Jesus, we should learn how to read Scripture the way Jesus did, through: 1. The Jesus Lens; 2.…

Under God’s Wing

In this sermon, Pastor T. C. explores the episode in Jesus’s story when he is warned that Herod wants to kill him but he is defiant, unflappable. But it’s what Jesus says next that has echoed through history. Jesus weeps over Jerusalem and longs to gather its children to himself like a mother hen.