A Community of Misfits on a Mission

Sermons on John


The third Path Point of PAX’s Scripture StoryArc is Material: “Jesus is the key to understanding Scripture.” In this message, Pastor T. C. contrasts a Jesus-centered approach to Scripture to a “Flat Bible” approach. As disciples of Jesus, we should learn how to read Scripture the way Jesus did, through: 1. The Jesus Lens; 2.…

Manifesto, Part 1

In this message, Pastor T. C. kicks off the Living Word series by introducing the “Manifesto” of PAX’s Scripture StoryArc: We are given Scripture as a divine instrument to become like Jesus. In the Gospel of John, John the Baptizer is spoken of as testifying to Jesus in much the same way the Scriptures testify…


In this message, Pastor Osheta teaches on what Moravian history has to teach us about unity. We are united in our picture of God in Christ; united in our commitments to remembering our journey of faith, to being curious about the ‘other’, and to coming together around the Lord’s Table.

Bearing the Light

The season of Christmastide is giving way to Epiphany, when the days lengthen because the Light is breaking in. In this message, Pastor T. C. draws upon the light/darkness motif in the prologue of John’s gospel to point to the ways the Light of Christ is breaking into the darkness of our world.