A Community of Misfits on a Mission

Sermons from 2022

#2 Be a Good Neighbor

In this message, Pastor T. C. approaches the second way to be Christian (Be a Good Neighbor) from the standpoint of engaging with politics. To be a good neighbor, we must care about the policies that affect our neighbor’s lives and the collective well-being of society. This is what it means to seek the shalom…

Apostles’ Teaching

In this message, Pastor T. C. explores the first “Rhythm of Resurrection” from Acts 2: “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching.” Acknowledging this passage’s potential to cause discomfort for those of us who have experienced spiritual abuse, this rhythm is principally about centering our lives around the subject of the apostles’ teaching: Jesus, and…


In this message, Pastor T. C. reflects upon 1 John 1.8-9 and Dr. Howard Thurman’s devotional on these verses in “40-Day Journey with Howard Thurman.” Pastor T. C. challenges the sin-as-law-breaking ‘mental model’ and contrasts it with sin-as-virus and forgiveness-as-healing.