A Community of Misfits on a Mission

The Snake vs. The Samaritan

This is the second message in the teaching series on Jesus’s parables called, “Ears to Hear.” In this sermon, Pastor T. C. contrasts a story from a song, called “The Snake,” with a parable of Jesus which has come to be known as “The Good Samaritan.” The Snake story is a favorite of the current President, Donald J. Trump. He uses it to teach fear of the Other: people who are different from us, who worship differently, look differently, or are from a different country. But Jesus’s parable invites us to inhabit a world in which neighborliness is the norm, a world where God’s reign is demonstrated through loving those who are different from us. Which story one inhabits will determine whose disciple one will be. May we inhabit the story of God as disciples of Jesus.