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#2 Be a Good Neighbor

In this message, Pastor T. C. approaches the second way to be Christian (Be a Good Neighbor) from the standpoint of engaging with politics. To be a good neighbor, we must care about the policies that affect our neighbor’s lives and the collective well-being of society. This is what it means to seek the shalom…

The God Who Takes Sides

As we continue in our series, Loyal-love: Exploring God’s Character and Mighty Deeds, we reach the Passover narrative. While we rightfully celebrate the liberation of the Israelites in the this story, we are less prone to celebrate God’s judgment upon the unjust Egyptian policy of slavery and Pharaoh himself. Why is that? God’s Loyal-love compels…

From Zeal to Hospitality

Romans 13 is a famous text that has been used as a proof-text to justify state-sponsored violence for millennia. By reading Romans “backwards” (in light of the conflict between the factions in the house churches of Rome), we can more clearly see Paul’s purpose for writing this passage. Rather than sanctioning state-sponsored violence, Paul was…

The Politics of Jesus

This series on loving people in public brings up a controversial subject: Politics. In this message, Pastor T. C. teaches on the social vision of Jesus: the Kingdom of God, disabuses listeners of negative connotations associated with “politics,” and presents the politics of Jesus from the portrayal of his life in the Gospels.